Wall flanges – pipe and profile fastenings

Wall flanges are excellent fixings for stainless steel pipes and profiles at balustrades and other structures. At Balustrade Factory, we offer various types of wall flanges, which provide a stable and aesthetically pleasing fixing of railings against walls.

Our wall flanges are made of high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees their durability, corrosion resistance and long-lasting use. They can be finished in polished, polished or powder coated in any RAL color, allowing them to perfectly match the style and design of your railing.

Thanks to the system solution of our wall flanges, the installation of handrails is simple and efficient. They provide a solid and secure attachment of pipes and profiles to the wall, adding not only functionality, but also an aesthetic appearance to the entire structure.

We offer high quality, a variety of surface finishes and systemic solutions that will meet your expectations for the installation of handrails at railings. When you choose our wall flanges, you get solidity, aesthetics and reliability in your project.