88.2 - 120 x 70 - clear laminated VSG tempered ESG safety glass

88.2 - 120 x 70 - clear laminated VSG tempered ESG safety glass

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Product description
Prefabricated format of VSG laminated and ESG tempered safety glass for use with an all-glass balustrade profile or as an infill between balustrade posts

Technical data:

  • VSG laminated and ESG tempered glass
  • glass thickness: 88.2 ~ 16.76 [mm]
  • height: 1000 [mm]
  • width: 1000 [mm]

Laminated safety glass (VSG) consists of at least two layers of glass bonded by PVB film, which provides better safety properties, such as increased resistance to breakage and retention of shape in case of damage. It comes in various configurations: transparent, frosted, colored (bronze, graphite, green), soft-coated, sound-absorbing.

Tempered glass ESG (ESG - from "tempered glass") is glass that has undergone a tempering process, by heating it to a high temperature to increase its impact strength and reduce the risk of breakage. It is several times stronger than standard glass and breaks into small, safe pieces if damaged. It is 5-7 times stronger than the same glass in ordinary (non-tempered) version.

Construction glass is widely used in residential, municipal, commercial and industrial construction. Mainly for glazing window and door openings and making exterior and interior glass partitions. It can be used to finish walls, countertops, window sills, doors, windows, furniture and even to finish kitchens. Also, it is used to protect and decorate glass objects, such as storefronts, display cases and exhibitions.

VSG laminated tempered ESG glass is used to make balustrades. It is an ideal product for making safe and aesthetically pleasing balustrades that will look beautiful and last for many years. Glass used to make balustrades on stairs, balconies, terraces and other places-such as all-glass balustrades or stainless steel balustrades with glass filling.

Example of implementation: