Side mounting type U

Our all-glass balustrade profile, a U-shaped side-mounted aluminum strip, is the perfect solution for building sturdy and aesthetically pleasing glass balustrades. It is designed for glass from 12 mm to 17.52 mm thick, providing versatility in design and installation.

The all-glass balustrade profile is offered in two surface finishes: silver anode and black anode. Thus, you have the opportunity to match the profile with different styles and interior design. In addition, there is also a powder coating option that allows you to choose any color from the RAL palette, giving you even more freedom for personalization.

In addition to the balustrade profile itself, we also offer various accessories that allow you to build a complete glass balustrade. In our offer you will find caps that mask the ends of the profile, drainage strips that drain water, and mounting accessories that make it easy and possible to fix the balustrade properly.

With our all-glass balustrade profile and available accessories, you can create not only functional, but also aesthetic balustrade solutions. We guarantee the high quality of our products and the ability to customize them to your individual needs and preferences.

Take advantage of our all-glass balustrade profile and accessories for building glass balustrades. We offer a complete set of solutions that will provide you with durable and visually appealing balustrades.