Clamp holder made of semicircular glass

Clamp glass holder semicircular stainless steel is the perfect solution for those who want to securely and permanently fix glass or polycarbonate on a flat surface or on a pipe with a diameter of fi 42.4 mm. The holder consists of two elements: a strong steel base and a special clamp that allows you to fix the glass or polycarbonate.

The glass holder can be used for mounting balustrades and glass partitions both indoors and outdoors. The material from which it is made, stainless steel, is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage, which ensures the durability of the holder even in harsh weather conditions.

The clamp of the clamp glass holder is made of high-quality materials, which guarantee safe and stable attachment of glass or polycarbonate. It can be used with various types of glass or polycarbonate with a thickness of 2 to 21.52 mm.

The stainless steel semi-circular clamping glass holder can be used to mount glass on a flat surface or on a pipe with a diameter of fi 42.4 mm. This makes it ideal for those who need a universal holder for different applications. Installation of the holder is simple and does not require a specialized tool.

The stainless steel half-round clamp glass holder is a functional, durable and elegant solution for anyone who wants to securely mount glass or polycarbonate.